Known for their energetic and spontaneous live shows which feature creative original songs, extended jams, guitar interplay, and musical “conversations”, Brightsilver tip their hats to the Bay Area forebearers of psychedelic rock and roll, with a bit of cosmic twang and echoes of Laurel Canyon. Truth be told, each member of Brightsilver self-identifies as a massive music nerd with eclectic tastes which is evident in their music. That said, Brightsilver are not just playing tribute to the golden era of recorded music. “I believe in creating ‘pleasant surprises’ and I always like to blend two or more contrasting genre elements into one song. In the 21st century, we have the freedom to be ‘unstuck in time’ musically and often that results in something unexpected,” says singer/songwriter Pascal Garneau. Incorporating synthesizers and pedal steel into the same song is just one example of the sound montage evident in their albums and live shows.

Started in Marin County in 2017, Brightsilver is comprised of Pascal Garneau and Charley Paul on vocals and guitar, Alex Kamages on drums, and Diego Gonzales on bass. Their debut EP Strikes It Rich! was released in the Fall of 2018 on Payphone Records with a second LP Stay in the Circle released in 2020. Both albums were tracked at the famous Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco and Oakland and mixed at Skywalker Sound in Nicasio CA.